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D-Bag Decontaminating System


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For removal of DNA intercalating dyes from aqueous solutions.

Nowadays, the DNA staining from electrophoresis to viability PCR, specific intercalating dyes are widely used. The reagents of Phenanthridinium group as Ethidium Bromide, Propidium Iodide or their derivatives PMA and EMA are the most used.

Even, if the products have theoretical low mutagenic potential, their release to the environment should be avoided in all cases, because they can be toxic and/or mutagenic. D-Bag system is a safe and effective solution for DNA dyes removal in aqueous solution, which minimizes waste storing. 

D-Bag System


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  1. Unique Features
Avoid storing large volumes of toxic reagents: Each bag can remove high concentrations of Phenathridinium contained in aqueous solutions after 2 hour of contact. The carbon amount is able to remove up the equivalent of reagents contained in 800 vPCR microtubes at standard conditions.
Easy to manage: After dye removal, the remaining solution can be safely poured down the drain. D-Bag can be safely disposed of as a biohazard waste and usually destroyed by incineration through a licensed hazardous waste facility.
Safe handling: Avoid manipulation of toxic solutions and the transfer to vessels for applying decontamination treatments. D-Bag ensures the minimal manipulation possible. The activated charcoal is separated from the solution by a permeable membrane, allowing a correct decontamination and preventing accidental release of particles containing toxic substances.
Benchtop support: For facilitating D-Bag managing.

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